Electrical Grounding Analysis

SKM GroundMat is a program for substation ground grid design and analysis. It is designed to help optimize grid design or reinforce existing grids of any Shape. It uses a general-purpose finite element algorithm for potential analysis and graphical facilities to validate ground system efficiency.

  • Solution Algorithms
    • Finite element analysis of the ground conductors.
    • Finite element analysis of the ground rod conductors.
    • Grid conductor current displacement analysis using Matrix analysis.
  • Analysis Options
    • Earth model analysis from field measurements.
    • User specified fault current.
    • Grid and Ground potential analysis.
    • Ability to analysis multiple ground systems.
    • Ability to analysis the potential raise for each ground systems including neighboring passive grid or rod.
    • Safety analysis including surface materials, based on body weight and exposure time.
    • Optional IEEE Guide 80 / IEE 490 for safety analysis.
    • Calculation of maximum permissible touch and step voltages
    • Comprehensive report for grid and rod configuration
    • Comprehensive report for surface potential analysis featuring station data, currents diffused to ground by the grid elements.
    • Danger point evaluation.
    • Touch and surface potential analysis
  • Interface Options
    • Data entry for grid and rod in spreadsheet format.
    • Data entry for earth model in spreadsheet format.
    • Grid/rod/profile wizards to setup initial system.
    • 3D/2D representation of grid and rod configuration.
  • Report viewer.
    • Cut and copy grid/rod segments in spreadsheet
    • Range-checking for simulation parameters
    • User -defined thresholds for danger area evaluation
    • User-defined color coding for graphical safety analysis
    • Metric and English units
  • Project setup Options
    • Project tree management
    • Multiple study for each project
    • Input data and output saved for each study
    • Switch study by working project tree
    • Copy study to another study in project

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